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i’ve been doing a really shitty job at updating regularly, yet somehow i’ve passed 3,000 followers! thank you so much for that..

Anonymous sent:
Is it completely awful that I'm 19 and I'm so madly in love with Charlie even tho he's 33 years old and has a girlfriend and i wanna be the one to steal his heart and marry him? It makes me so sad :(

many feel your pain

who else is going to need years of therapy after tonight’s episode?

cameronfuckslikeawhore-probably sent:
Your blog is fab(': can we be friends or

Yes, yes we can.

Anonymous sent:
Oh I'm sorry!!

No apology necessary!!

Anonymous sent:
Why is juice still suicidal do you know? I'm sad you aren't as active :(

My apologies, I’m apart of a few blogs, and I’ve been focusing mainly my own blog as of late, otherwise I’d be on the computer way too much for my liking!

But I don’t think Juice ever stopped being suicidal…. it’s just gotten progressively worse.. First, with Jax forcing him to help set up Clay, and then with Jax making him kill Darvany. Plus, this season it sure seems to me that no one’s paid much attention to him at all, aside from the occasional, “You okay?” Which isn’t something you ask a suicidal person..

Anonymous sent:
Any way you can find a cap of Chibs on the picnic table with his arms in the air when he got excited about Bobby getting out in s5e1?

check the 5x1 tag, i’m pretty sure there’s one in there! :) (i’m on my phone or i’d do it for you!!)

theriseofthefallenangel sent:
i may or may have reblog your entire blog and i'm not even slightly sorry and i will probably do this again eheheh =) (good blog btw)

Reblog away! 😄